TormentPZ is a Project Zomboid server where you’ll be lucky to survive for long!

Founded on 1 May 2021, it joined the existing TormentMC Minecraft server in “My World: Gaming”, later re-branded the Torment Gaming Network, on 11 November 2021.

TormentPZ has a number of carefully curated mods, to ensure the server is as unique as it is challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions, Hints, Tips and additional guidance can be found below, and you should make sure you have read and understood the Rules. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.

Frequently Asked Questions and Hints & Tips.
How to start?

Gear Up, Run, Hide, in whichever order is most conducive to survival. Chat with the community on Discord, determine whether any factions exist in your preferred town, and set up a safehouse as close to them as possible

How long until I can claim a Safehouse?

You can claim a Safehouse after 72 consecutive hours of survival. Death resets the timer.

Why can’t I claim in a [Reset Area]?

A [Reset Area] is reserved for commercial or specialised buildings which contain specific loot. These are reset on a schedule. To claim a building within a [Reset Area], submit a Support Request providing details. The higher value of the building, the less chance this has of being approved.

Why did my [car/ items/ X] disappear?

The server runs many mods to enhance the player experience. These mods, however well written, all make subtle changes to the Project Zomboid code, sometimes they don’t interact correctly. Sadly it’s a necessary evil and the only real solution is to store your things in vanilla storage such as a crate, and to do so well in advance of the scheduled restart(s) at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 (UTC).

How long is a day?

2 hours in real time equates to 24 hours in-game.

Why is VOIP disabled?

VOIP is disabled to reduce server bandwidth usage. Voice channel(s) are available on Discord

How do I get rid of corpses?

There are a minimum of 6 methods to permanently dispose of corpses, some safer than others. They can be burned, buried, dumped in water, examined, harvested for parts, used as fuel, and more.

How do I store items?

Items must be kept inside containers or they will despawn. This includes items dropped inside safezones.

Can I drop items on the floor of my safehouse?

Items dropped to the floor will eventually despawn. There are only a few exceptions to this rule.

Why won’t this item go inside a container?

Containers have capacity limits.

How do I salvage cars?

Right click on a car and select “Salvage [car type]”. You need a propane torch and welding mask.

How do I tell the time?

Many zombies carry a watch, take it.

Why won’t my car start?

Check the quality of the engine, that the battery is charged, and/ or that it has enough gas.

AntiserumHC (Harder)

Adds the ability to suppress and even cure Zombie Infection, with the appropriate research.

Apocalypse Kitchen

Adds additional cooking recipes and means of re-using otherwise useless items.

Autotsar Trailers

Adds a variety of attachable trailers which to help you survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Autotsar Tuning Atelier – Bus

Adds ability to tune in-game buses to increase protection/ storage.

Battery Jumpstarter –
Convert Radios to AC Power –
Crematorium –
Dive Through Windows
Immersive Solar Arrays
Into The Water
Junk Metal
Just Throw Them Out The Window
Lone Wanderer’s Saving Grace
Minimal Display Bars
Sapph’s Cooking
Scrap Armor!
Scrap Guns
Scrap Weapons!
Skill Recovery Journal
Weapon Condition Indicator [41.60+]
Zamazon Trading v1.9.2
ZAP Rip Up Undies


Coming Soon

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