TormentMC is a Survival* Minecraft server where only the strong survive!

Founded on 1 May 2020 by Krizd & Tomiz21, ownership was transferred to ImperatusMaximus on 3 September 2020.

On 11 January 2021, TormentMC became affiliated with My World Network, a relationship which was solidified on 26 June 2021, when ownership of the server was passed to Sentinel618, and it became part of My World Network. On 1 May 2022, 2 years after it was initially founded, it was joined by TormentPZ to officially form the Torment Gaming Network.

TormentMC has a number of carefully curated plugins, most of which have been adjusted to ensure the server is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions, Hints, Tips and additional guidance can be found below, and you should make sure you have read and understood the Rules. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.

Frequently Asked Questions and Hints & Tips.
How to start?

The command “/kit starter” will provide you some basic tools to get started.

How do I claim land?

Using a combination of a Stick and Golden Shovel. The shovel can be toggled using /claimtool. Players are allocated 25 claimblocks and can gain more over time by simply being online, can win as vote rewards, or purchase from the Torment Store, all proceeds from which are used to maintain the servers.

Why can’t I claim in the Nether/ End?

The Nether and End worlds are supposed to be special. The ability to claim land and/ or simply live in these worlds seemed counterintuitive and this was removed.

How do I make money?

Killing mobs will earn you money, as will completing quests, collecting bounties and/ or selling things on the Auction House or Fish Market.

Fish Market?

Yes, players now have the ability to catch and sell a large variety of fish. Fishing *may* also result in finding rare and valuable items.
Fishing Commands:
/nfsell – Open Fish Market GUI
/nfbuy – Open Bait Market GUI
/nfhelp – Displays these same options, in game
/nfdiary – Opens the Fishing Diary, allowing players to track catches
/nfcompetition – Shows info on any current competition(s)

Why should I vote?

Voting raises awareness of the server, bringing in more players, and other than donating/ purchasing from the Store, is a great way of supporting our efforts. Voting gives you a spin of the Golden Crate and a chance to win valuable prizes.

But there are too many vote sites…

More total votes equals more potential exposure which, in turn, hopefully equals more players. Each vote will generate a reward, with additional rewards for hitting vote milestones.

What plugins does the server have?

Check for a curated list of Plugins.

“I’m an ‘OG’, give me my stuff”

Firstly, this is an excellent way to simply be ignored. Secondly, no, you’re not. This is NOT the TormentMC you remember. Due to the way the old server closed, nothing could be salvaged and we’ve had to rebuild from scratch. We acknowledge the past, we are not associated with it.

“I’m ‘loyal’, give me a rank”

Only marginally less irritating than “I’m an OG…” How are you loyal? A ‘time played’ rank exists and if you don’t have it when others do, perhaps you’re not as ‘loyal’ as you believe. Loyalty demonstrated in buying ranks is rewarded with ranked perks. Demonstrated through voting is rewarded in vote rewards. Demonstrated through other quantifiable means is rewarded accordingly.

But I don’t like PVP…

Submit a Support Request, and you will be excluded from PVP. This is a one-time deal and if you later decide you wish to actively PVP again, you will require to purchase a PVP token from the Store. Likewise those who opt out of PVP and then use that fact to taunt others, will be switched back to being PVP-able again, with the same PVP Token requirement to opt back out.

Why don’t you add {insert bot name} to Discord, it can do things much better than {insert bot name} and I really want the features it adds and it’s much better than whatever you’re using and just do what I want!

The bots in use are in use for a reason. Other bots may well handle certain things better but they probably don’t offer another feature which is equally important. Discord is used as a means to chat with and have fun with the Torment Gaming community. It is NOT, and there are no plans to make it, a support hub.

I found a Bug/ I’ve been griefed/ I have an idea/ I get this strange sensation and feel funny when I think of my friend/’s parent/ sibling/ teacher

There’s at least a decent chance your issue isn’t actually more important than whatever the Admins are working on right now and it’s becoming increasingly tiring when players believe they are somehow excluded from the request that EVERYONE not report things in chat. It’s not unreasonable that staff not be expected to go hunting for these things, especially when 99% of the chat is done through partychat or private message and therefore not even seen. Use the contact forms on the website. No, staff won’t stop what they’re doing while you explain in many many words but virtually no detail, about your latest oopsie, nor will a ticket system be added to Discord. The decision has been made for reasons and, just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision.

Where is {insert player name}/ all the players?

Many former players did not like the direction the server was taking, and left. Some less popular adjustments still exist however these are kept at a minimum and the server is considerably more player-centric than it was previously. Finally the server is based in Europe, with a predominantly Europe-based playerbase. To join at 4am Central European Time is to likely play alone.

Mobs hit too hard/ have too much HP

The mobs scale to the player(s), IF you’ve spent all your time trying to top the McMMO rankings by mining out everything you could find then you’re going to now be unbalanced and face mobs way above that which you’re probably capable of easily handling. Best get better gear. Alternatively, make a request to have your playerdata reset, which will alleviate the situation.


TormentMC has a variety of Datapacks and Plugins to enhance your play and increase the challenge of the server. Additional modifications operate in the background, these are not listed.

AdvancedEnchantments – Adds over 200 additional enchants for players to utilise.
AuctionHouse – Easily buy/ sell ites with other players.
BankPlus – Keep your money safe and earn interest, even while offline.
BottledXP Convert your gained XP into bottled form for safe keeping.
BountyHunters Place and collect bounties on other players.
Chest Shop – Create playershops to buy/ sell your wares.
Dynamic Light – Lightsources, carried in the hand or dropped to the ground, provide illumination.
Excellent Crates – Earn prizes from creates as vote rewards or for time on the serer.
Incendium – Improved Nether generation.
Interactive Chat – Show off your shiny customised sword to other players and Discord.
Jobs Reborn – Earn money for punching trees and mining.
LevelledMobs – Tougher mobs which scale depending on your player level.
mcMMO – Build skills and unlock abilities.
MMOItems – Custom items.
Money From Mobs – Earn money from killing mobs.Custom items.
MythicMobs – Customised wandering mobs and bosses.
Nullscape – Improves generation of Overworld structures.
PvP Manager – For players who wish to completely opt out of PvP.
Survival Expansion II – Adds additional mobs and worlds.
TwoHorsePlayerRiding – Two players, one horse.


Underlined text has additional information to clarify more general terms.

The following list is not exhaustive and any member of staff may make an ‘on-the-spot’ judgement, which will be considered a rule unless appealed, overruled or retracted.

1. Advertising, Begging, Bullying, Chat-spamming, Cheating, Griefing, Inflammatory and/ or Unsightly builds (as judged by Torment Staff) are FORBIDDEN and will result in possible punitive action.

2. PVP is ON. PROTECT your gear or risk losing it.

3. English ONLY in the Public chat. Cursing is permitted, bigotry and/ or misogyny is NOT.

4. Server Staff volunteer their time to keep the server balanced and fair. Show them the respect they deserve, and do NOT treat them as your personal assistant.

5. Ban Appeals/ Bug Reports/ Constructive Criticism/ Grief Reports/ Staff Applications / Suggestions and/ or Support Requests should be made using the Contact Forms above, and NOT reported in general chat.

Rules may be applied retroactively. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.





Discovering the game in late-2009, Sentinel618 has over a decade of experience and parlays his childhood love of Lego into the digital world of Minecraft. An accomplished builder, variations on his patented ‘hole in a hill’ home can be found and ridiculed across many a Minecraft server. The old man of TormentMC is always watching.

The Founding Fathers. We thank them for their contributions.







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