July 2013, a young woman named Leo and young(er than today) guy named Chris both posted respective posts on the now-defunct yogscast.com forum, both were seeking like-minded gaming nerds to collaborate with for the making of YouTube gaming content.

From those posts, Gamers Without Shoes was formed, comprising Chris Garvey, Leo Parkin, Sietse Nijdam, Steven Wallace and Wayne Muser. Plans were made, videos were created, a community was founded. Later, others such as Darth Poshie, Marcel, Rowan and Starbug Stone joined the group, however inexperience and well-meaning but flawed efforts to boost the YouTube channel meant that the project did not reach the heights hoped for. Indeed it barely got off the ground before fading into obscurity. Of the founding members, Leo went on to individual success, joining the Yogscast as a content creator a few years later. Sietse, Steven and Wayne stopped making public content, and Chris went on to create My World: Gaming, refining the naming convention from his previous world-groups.net project and continuing to build the My World Network infrastructure.

The Torment Gaming Network was founded on 11 November 2021, re-branding the previously named “My World: Gaming” division of My World Network, formed when TormentMC, a Minecraft server, was joined by TormentPZ, a Project Zomboid server.

The network was expanded when 4 Emulators & ROMs, a popular Emulation discussion group on the long-defunct yahoogroups service, now hosted on Facebook.com, and Infinite Realities joined. It expanded further on 6 July 2022, when TormentSE, an ARK: Survival Evolved server was launched to compliment the Minecraft and Project Zomboid servers.

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